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Redirect Floodwater with Swales in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton NY

If you are looking for a means to drive floodwater away from your home, then you should try installing a swale. Swales, like French drains, catch and drain floodwater away from the home. Unlike French drains, though, swales are built above ground. This design allows them to handle everyday rain without any trouble, and with the right creative direction, swales can complement your home’s exterior décor as well.


EcoSpect Creates Swales the Right Way!

EcoSpect knows how damaging floods can be. Floodwater can enter your home and cause numerous structural problems that you will need to immediately address. Of course, having a drainage system will help, but sometimes, they are still not enough to keep water out.

Swales provide a different kind of waterproofing method, which you might need for extra support. By giving us a call, not only will your swales be built correctly, but on-time as well. Plus, with our professional knowledge, we are certain that your swales will efficiently drive floodwater away from your home.

If you are interested, give us a call at 315-232-6465EcoSpect services homes that are located in the surrounding areas of Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton NY.

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