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Sump Pump Extensions in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton NY

Basement flooding is a common dilemma whenever it rains or when a pipe suddenly bursts. Because this room is located beneath your home, water usually finds a way to enter it. When water starts building up in the basement, removing it will become difficult. But if a sump pump has been installed there before any water-related incident occurs, then the basement can be spared from the effects of moisture.

Simply put, a sump pump is a machine that expels water from your home. It is a small machine installed in the basement, and it works by sucking in water and discharging it outside through a system of pipes. This system is fast, efficient, and is operational even when the power is out. Nevertheless, not all sump pumps make a perfect fit for every home. This is because some models have pipes that are too short to drain every drop of water out of your basement.

Why Extending Your Sump Pump is Beneficial for Your Home

If the sump pump’s pipe is too short, it is entirely possible that the expelled water will return to your home or worse, create a flood outside your home. One thing you can do to prevent this from happening is to extend its drainage line. By extending the exit way of your sump pump, the water will be carried much further, keeping your basement dry. Extending your sump pump also improves your system’s performance, effectiveness, and drainage rate.

If you decide to have your sump pump extended, make sure to contact EcoSpect. Having EcoSpect handle this process will ensure that the job is done right and save you time and energy. Give us a call at 315-232-6465, or check out our other external drainage work if you are looking for something similar. Our services are available to homes located in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton NY.

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