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Owego, NY is a village that’s also the county seat of Tioga County. It had a population of 3,896 as of the 2010 census. It’s warm and partly cloudy in Owego during the summers and freezing and mostly cloudy during the winters. Owego is no stranger to floods, blizzards, tropical storms, and heavy snow. All of these natural weather extremes can result in a wet basement. Interestingly, 3 out of 4 houses in Owego were built in 1959 or earlier. Thus, it is a challenge to maintain basement health in Owego. The good news is that EcoSpect provides Owego with reliable basement waterproofing and crawlspace repair services

EcoSpect started out as an environmental consulting company in 1955. We’ve then diversified and started providing basement health solutions in 2012. We are certified by the EPA, and our technicians are individually certified for lead inspection and risk assessment. We are also certified by the EPA and AARST for radon testing and abatement. EcoSpect is also licensed and certified on asbestos testing and handling. 

EcoSpect Provides These Services in Owego, NY

Our goal at EcoSpect is to provide you with safe and healthy environments. Our services will keep your basement and crawlspaces dry and free from harmful radon gas and toxic mold. Here are just a few services that we offer in Owego, NY. 

Radon Gas Testing and Mitigation - Radon is a radioactive gas. When out in the open, it’s not that dangerous. However, in confined spaces like inside a house, radon concentrations can become too high that it becomes dangerous. The problem with radon is that it’s invisible, tasteless, and odorless. You won’t know if there’s too much radon in the air that you breathe. EcoSpect provides radon testing and abatement services in Owego. 

Basement Waterproofing - Keeping your basement dry prevents mold from taking over your home. Mold produces spores that are known allergens for some. Keep in mind that a large portion of the air you breathe indoors comes from the basement. By keeping your basement dry, you are making sure that you only breathe high-quality air. 

Foundation Crack Repair - Concrete is just a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. The natural drying process of concrete involves the removal of water as it sets. This process often results in very small cracks. These cracks, though not enough to cause structural damage, serve as an opening for insects, moisture, and radon gas. EcoSpect provides foundation crack repair services to seal these micro-cracks. 

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At EcoSpect, we care about providing you a safe living environment. Aside from the services listed above, we also provide environmental testing services. To find out more about how this service can you or to inquire about any of our services, please visit our Contact Us page where you can send us a short message. Alternatively, you can call 585-207-3830 if you prefer speaking with a representative. 

Completed Jobs from Oswego
Ryan T.
October 19, 2018
EcoSpect installed an interior perimeter drain system with a sump pump system and a high water alarm.
Jerry K.
September 29, 2016
We installed a radon mitigation system to reduce the levels of radon gasses entering the home. This system is designed to reduce the radon level below the EPA action level of 4.0pCi/L or as low as reasonably achievable.
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