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East Syracuse, NY is an unincorporated village located in Onondaga County. It is a suburb of the City of Syracuse. The village had a population of 3,084 as of the 2010 census. Summers in East Syracuse are warm and partly cloudy, while the winters are freezing and mostly cloudy. Easy Syracuse has experienced blizzards, floods, hail, ice storms, and heavy snow - all of which make it harder to maintain a safe and dry basement. Add to that the fact that more than 73% of homes in East Syracuse were built in 1959 or earlier and you would have a good idea on how challenging it is to keep a dry basement. The good news is that EcoSpect serves East Syracuse and provides professional basement waterproofing services

EcoSpect Basement & Crawl Space Services in East Syracuse

When we started in 1995, EcoSpect, Inc. was focused on top-level environmental consulting services focusing on lead-based paint. Then, we expanded to provide basement and crawlspace health services. We serve the following counties in New York:

  • Oswego
  • Onondaga
  • Cortland
  • Yates
  • Seneca
  • Cayuga 
  • Schuyler
  • Chemung
  • Broome
  • Chenango
  • Tompkins 


EcoSpect Provides the Following Services in East Syracuse, NY

At EcoSpect, we focus on providing our customers in East Syracuse, NY with a safe home living environment. Here are just a few of our popular services. 

Radon Gas Testing and Mitigation - Radon gas is a radioactive gas that’s impossible to detect without using specialized tools. It’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Out in the open, where radon is diluted in the air, it doesn’t pose a threat. But inside a confined space, like inside your home, it could build up to dangerous levels. Radon gas can enter through cracks in the foundation walls, support posts, floor drains, and others. The EPA estimates that around 21,000 people die every year from radon gas. Don’t leave anything to chance. Get your house tested for radon gas. 

Basement Waterproofing - Water accumulation in your home will affect the quality of your life negatively. Not only will it lower the value of your home, but it will also pose health risks for you and your family. Mold grows in wet or moist environments. Considering that almost half of the air you breathe comes from the basement or crawlspaces, you’d surely want to keep your basement dry. EcoSpect provides professional basement waterproofing services in East Syracuse. 

Foundation Crack Repair - The process of making concrete involves mixing water and concrete. The drying process will naturally result in tiny cracks. These cracks are not enough to cause structural damage, but they do provide an entry point for moisture, tiny insects, and radon gas. EcoSpect provides carbon fiber reinforcement services. To learn more about this, please call us today. 

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Aside from the services mentioned above, EcoSpect also offers crawl space repair services. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about our services or if you would like to request a quote. Simply call 585-207-3830 and our representative will be happy to help you. If you prefer, you can also send us a message via our Contact Us page. 

Quick Facts About East Syracuse Waterproofing Needs:

East Syracuse gets about 41 inches of rain every year. The more it rains, the more your basement will leak if it has cracks since the ground will absorb the water. September through December is the wettest season for East Syracuse. Basement waterproofing your home can increase your home's value as well. The average home cost in East Syracuse is $101,300. Some other weather factors such as freezing and flooding that can affect your basement are below:

Annual Low Temperature Average: 40.1F

Rainfall Average: 41 inches per year

Snowfall Average: 123.8 inches per year

It is important to approach waterproofing experts before the season picks up. Preventative care can save you a lot of money and many hours of headache in the future. We provide basement waterproofing in Syracuse and all of its 26 neighborhoods areas.

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