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Mold Prevention

Mold Prevention in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton NY

If moisture is a prevalent problem in your home's basement or crawl space, expect to see mold growing on your floors and walls. Mold may not look like an immediate household threat, but allowing it to spread is very dangerous. Extended exposure to mold causes serious health problems, such as:

  • Asthmas
  • Allergies
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Bleeding of the Lungs
  • Other Respiratory Ailments

To avoid the dangers of inhaling mold, you need to create a moisture-free environment. You can achieve this by adopting the following moisture prevention techniques:

Insulate and Encapsulate

Condensation usually occurs near and around your home's metal pipes, water heaters, and concrete walls. The water droplets left by this process encourages mold growth. To make things worse, the areas favored by mold are found in your basement or crawl space – places that are difficult to reach and maintain. Insulating your basement walls and encapsulating your crawl space can help solve your home's moisture problem. EcoSpect can help with encapsulation of a crawl space or insulation for a basement or crawl space. Call today at 315-232-6465 for a free estimate!

Repair All Water Leaks

Excess moisture is often caused by a leaking tap, pipe, roof or foundation. You need to fix these leaks immediately to keep mold from growing in these places. EcoSpect is your local expert for basement and crawl space leaks and moisture control so give them a call at 315-232-6465 today for a free estimate!

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You May Need a Dehumidifier or Sump Pump in Your Basement

If you want to be prepared for any water-related disaster that may cause moisture buildup, consider installing a dehumidifier and a sump pump in your basement. Both systems have a way of removing or reducing moisture in your property. In order to experience the benefits of these systems, you must choose the correct type of dehumidifier or sump pump that fits your basement.

If you are looking for professional mold removal services in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton NY, contact EcoSpect Inc. Armed with years of experience and the necessary tools, we’ll eradicate the nasty fungus from your property. We also offer professional basement waterproofing to help you create a moisture-free basement. Give us a call at 315-232-6465 today and get a free estimate.

For help with moisture control and mold prevention, contact us today!

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