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Keeping your indoor living areas dry and moisture free will keep your home safe and healthy. Many homeowners don't even know that their health is at risk from the harmful iritants growing in their homes from the unhealthy conditions in their basement or crawl space. EcoSpect will make sure your basement or crawl space is a dry healthy space so mold, dusts mites and odors will never be something you have to worry about in your home!

Negative Effects of Mold & Dust Mites

One of the most common problems your basement can face is moisture. This space is located underneath your home, so whenever it experiences a flood or a burst pipe it is not surprising that some surfaces are left damp. Overtime, these areas become perfect breeding grounds for mold and dust mites.

Leaving your basement in such an awful state can affect your rooms above and the rest of your home. Mold and dust mites are microscopic in size, and can easily travel through vents and tiny holes. Being exposed to these organisms for a very long time can encourage allergies (skin and nasal), as well as destroy homes structures (e.g. walls and ceilings). These problems can also affect the air you are breathing in your home!

With mold and dust mites, you also get allergens that spread throughout the air in your home for everyone to breathe. If there is a large amount of dirty allergens flying around, inhabitants could become sick or even develop a respiratory illness.

Of course, you can avoid these issues by cleaning, inspecting, and repairing every nook and cranny, but if the problem has escalated immensely, then contacting EcoSpect will do the trick. Leave the mess to us and let us help you prevent your family from getting sick from mold and dust mites.

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