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What Causes Mold

What Causes Mold in Crawlspaces?

A dark, moist place is the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungus. The places below our homes, like the crawl space and basement area, can be the perfect breeding ground for these species if these are not insulated properly.
Molds need few basic things to grow and survive; moisture from water and organic matter like wood. Crawl spaces that have an access door, vents, and improper insulation provide the perfect mixture of moisture and water, hence it is highly prone to mold, fungus, and other harmful species.

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Reasons for Mold Growth in New York Homes

  • Moisture- There can be cracks and openings in the walls or floors of your crawl space that brings in groundwater. When water seeps inside the space it creates moisture and can give birth to mold within 40-48 hours. So you should get the cracks fixed the soonest as because even hairline cracks can be damaging.
  • Presence of wood- Molds often feed on non-cellulose materials, such as plastic or concrete that have organic dirt on the surface. Hence, cleaning the contents of the crawl space is important.
  • Condensation- Air in the crawl space is usually cool so during warm seasons when the hot air flows inside this space and mixes with the cold air, condensation occurs which gives birth to mold spores. If you have an access door or ventilation in your crawl space, you should get it insulated professionally.
Reasons for Mold Growth

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