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Crawl Space Conversions in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton, NY

Crawl spaces are usually dark, moist, and prone to mold and bacteria, so homeowners hardly think about using it. If this space is properly insulated and professionally cleaned, it can turn into an amazing storage area. Moreover, an encapsulated crawl space will increase the value of your property drastically.

In Ithaca, Binghamton, and nearby cities in New York, EcoSpect provides all forms of services to improve your crawl space and basements. We are your local basement experts, just dial 315-232-6465 or contact us online if you want to encapsulate your musty crawl space.

Access Door Insulation for New York Homes

Transforming a dark, moist crawl space to a clean storage area can be a lot of work, this is why we cannot give an estimate of our services without visiting your property first. If you choose to work with us, we will inspect the condition of your crawl space and then prepare an outline of the possible total cost.

We begin with sealing cracks in the walls and floors of the space, as it is an essential part of keeping the space dry. Then, if there is standing water, we will extract it and dry the space. Pools of water in the crawl space or basement means an absence of a sump pump, we also install patented sump pumps for efficient water drainage.

If the vents and access door is not insulated, we will insulate those as well. Even though vents help with air circulation, but during summer unsealed vents can bring in warm air which creates condensation and causes mold growth. So sealing the vents is important to keep out moisture. After everything is taken care of, we will encapsulate the crawl space and place a dehumidifier to balance the moisture level.

Crawl Spaces Converts

Advantages of Converting Crawl Spaces into Clean Storage Areas

  • Increases the curb appeal of a property.
  • Spacious storage area: A clean extra space to store excess furniture and other household contents.
  • Decreases energy costs: An encapsulated crawl space will be warm during winters, so the floor above will be warm as well which will reduce the heater usage.

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