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Crawl Space Access

Crawl Space Access Insulation in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton, NY

Crawl spaces are often neglected as these are not very spacious. However, if a crawl space is cleaned and insulated, you can use it as a nice storage area, and at the same time, it will lower your electric bills as well. Because during winters, a warm space below your home will make sure the floors above are warm as well, as a result, usage of the heater will decrease.

Proper insulation and encapsulation are needed if you want a healthy crawl space. Access doors and all the vents need to be insulated as well to keep moisture away. At EcoSpect, we provide crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, and moisture control services for properties in Syracuse, Ithaca, Binghamton, and nearby cities in New York.
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Access Door Insulation for New York Homes

If your crawl space has an access door, you should get it insulated professionally. Because when an uninsulated door brings in humid air into a cold crawl space, the air condenses and creates moisture. A moist, dark space will thrive mold and bacteria deteriorating your living condition.

At EcoSpect, our crawl space insulation procedure will start with discarding unnecessary contents and sealing visible cracks in the foundation. If there is standing water, we will pump it out and place a sump pump to prevent possible flooding. Installing a sump pump is a wise decision, read more about it here. Then using DimpleShield Drainage Matting (a dimpled plastic material), we will insulate the entire crawl space, including the access door and vents. Lastly, we place a dehumidifier at a corner which helps in balancing the moisture level in the enclosed space.

Access Door Insulation

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