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Your roof was made to protect your home from the outside elements. Even if a soft drizzle turns into heavy rain, you know that your roof will keep the inside of your home or office nice and dry. However, a heavy downpour can cause all sorts of trouble, especially if your roof doesn't have a defined pathway for the water to flow.

Some roof designs are not effective in draining rainwater. Sometimes, the roof leads the water in a confined space, creating puddles of stagnant water. Of course, installing a combination of a drainpipe and downspout will eventually get all the water out. Nevertheless, there are cases wherein the pipes are not long enough to drive the water far from your property, and if this situation continues, primary and secondary water damage won’t be too far behind. If you think that your downspout or drain is expelling rainwater too close to your property, then it is probably time to have it extended.

The Many Uses of Drain Extensions

The result of extending your drain(s) is easy and simple to understand. By stretching the path of your drainage system or downspout, the pipes can expel water further from your home. Doing so will reduce the amount of accumulated moisture – giving you a handful of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Keeps your roof and its surrounding areas dry
  • Prevents flooding near your property
  • Stops vermin and insect infestation
  • Reduces soil dampness
  • Protects your crawl space and foundation from moisture damage
  • Preserves your outdoor decorations and plants

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