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If you find pools of water in your basement or if your basement is damp often, it might be time to get your basement inspected and repaired by professionals. A wet basement can be a lot of trouble. Water seepage can damage the foundation of your home causing structural damages to the property, moreover, moisture in the basement will give birth to mold and mildew which will deteriorate the overall atmosphere of your home.

Fixing your wet basement will save you expensive restoration costs in the long run and protect your home from damages. In Syracuse, Cortland, and surrounding areas, contact EcoSpect’s basement repair specialists at 585-207-3830. We have been providing all forms of basement solutions in New York since 2012.
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Basement Restoration by EcoSpect

Basement Restoration by EcoSpect

To get rid of your wet basement permanently, you will need to repair all the underlying issues that are causing the moisture. At EcoSpect, our team provides all forms of services needed to achieve a dry, healthy basement. Our service includes,

  • Repairing cracks: As water seeps into your basement through cracks in the floors and walls, repairing these is our first step.
  • Installing drainage system: Then we will assess the drainage system of your basement. Some basements might only need a drainage system restoration, while others might not have proper drainage at all. If your basement does not have a proper drainage system we can install our patented drainage as well.
  • Installing a dehumidification system: To keep dry air circulating throughout your basement we will install a state-of-the-art dehumidifier which will also ensure the air in your basement is not humid.

Trust EcoSpect with your wet basements, once we fix the moisture issues and waterproof your basement, you will never have to worry about dampness again!

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