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French Drain Restoration in Syracuse, Ithaca & Cortland NY

Is water sweeping in your basement? Installing a Sump Pump or a French drain could be the best solution for your problem. When basements flood, it not only ruins the valuables that are stored there, the flooding can create mold causing health hazards. EcoSpect has been providing all sorts of basement waterproofing services in Syracuse, Ithaca & Binghamton NY. Click here to know more about how we can help you or call us at 315-232-6465 for a free estimate of our services.

How our Drainage System Works in Upstate NY Homes

Exterior French drains, also known as footing drains and perimeter drains are costly and the installation process is quite lengthy. For installing this drain, part of your walkway, porch, or grass bed has to be dug up which might affect the landscape of the property. After installation, the drain collects the extra water directing it to a trench that is filled with gravel.

On the other hand, an interior drainage system is efficient and easy to install. Our patented sump pump will be used for the best results. This drainage system is designed to tackle unique problems individually. The design of your residence and the type of leak you are facing will give us a lead while starting our work. Our drainage system will resist water at the perimeter of your basement and then direct it away from your property. At EcoSpect, our project managers will recommend and customize the perfect perimeter drainage system for you. We offer three types of sump pump systems:

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French drains often get clogged with dirt, rocks, or debris, and we provide repair services for your clogged footing drains. However, to solve flooding problems from your property permanently, we suggest installing our drainage system as it functions more efficiently and prevents clogging in the best way possible.

So call us today if your home needs some work. Our services include basement waterproofing, crawl space repairing, and more!