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Footing drain Installation

Footing Drain Installation in Syracuse, Ithaca, Binghamton, NY

Rainwater or groundwater can weaken the foundation of your basement, so drainage systems are installed for protection. An internal or external drainage system is installed to direct water away from your property.

At Syracuse, Ithaca, Binghamton, and surrounding areas EcoSpect install drainage systems and waterproofs basements providing you with a healthy basement. We also repair cracks in foundation walls, fix bowing walls, and waterproof basements.

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Professional Waterproofing in New York

Footing Drain or French drain Installation

Drainage that is placed along the external perimeter of a basement or crawl space is known as footing drain or French drain .Whereas, an interior drainage system is placed inside the foundation and is proven to be a long term solution.

While both types of drainage systems work well, an interior drainage system is easy to install and will not cause any structural damage to your property. Maintenance of this system is also easy and cost-effective.

A drainage system is installed to fix areas with leakage issues. If certain parts of your basement or crawl space area are prone to flood, you should get a drainage system installed immediately.

Benefits of Interior Drainage System

  • Easy installation even if you have a finished basement
  • Does not clog frequently
  • Cheaper than exterior drainage
  • Will not cause any structural damage to the foundation

The absence of an effective drainage system will keep on deteriorating the foundation of your property. Install a drainage system that will best suit your property and keep it safe.

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