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Adam Schrader



As the owner of EcoSpect, Inc. it is my mission to address the healthy home concerns of you, my customer, and to provide you with a satisfying experience. I am passionate about making homes safe and healthy for you and your family. I am always on the lookout for ways to inform the people I interact with on how they can live in a home where the air is as clean as possible. A person spends 95% of their day inside a building. Their home, their office, a friend’s home, a store, a school, a church - the list goes on. It’s important that the air inside those buildings be healthy. To that end I have carefully chosen quality, customizable products that effectively mitigate and address healthy home concerns.

I am husband to my girl: Sara, a father to two beautiful daughters: Krysta and Kaila, father to two fur-sons, Buck, a Labrador and to Chester, a Golden Retriever. My employees are part of my extended family. They support the company’s mission with focused commitment and are compassionate and content with their roles and responsibilities toward our business environment, products, and each other. This satisfaction is reflected in the care and positive experience you will have when working with the EcoSpect team.

As much as I enjoy discussing the quality of healthy homes and caring for others I do have other interests such as biking, hunting, traveling, camping and spending time with family and friends. I am grateful for all of my God given skills and opportunities.

Adam Schrader
Adam Schrader